2017.05.09 by Nahuel Scotti | 2 min read

Introducing Tomeito

Tomeito is another pomodoro timer app for macOS.

What's the difference between this one and other timers apps:

  • Minimal interface
  • Simple to use


Important: This is a free app. I'm not paying €99 to Apple to have a certified app. So expect a warning when you install it.


If a pomodoro/break is not started or is ended, the app is in idle state.

Regular pomodoro (25 minutes)

After clicking play in idle state a pomodoro timer is started. Each pomodoro consist in a timer of 25 minutes. You can skip or reset them at any time.

Short Break (5 minutes)

After each pomodoro a short break of 5 minutes could be taken.

Long Break (15 minutes)

After four pomodori a long break of 15 minutes could be taken.


From the settings you can control how the app behaves:

  • Tick Sound: Actives or disactivates the tic tac sound
  • Auto Play: If enabled, pomodori and breaks starts automatically
  • On Top: If active, the app remains on top of other windows


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