2014.01.21 by Nahuel Scotti | 1 min read

Video + iPad = How to fix the click

You want a video on your html, an overlay layer with some information and a button.

The problem: You can't click on the button, because the click event is captured by the video element.

<a id="btn" href="#">play</a>
<p>Lorem ipsum Duis sit nisi occaecat ut</p>
<video id="video" controls src="video.mp4"></video>

The solution:

  1. Remove the "controls" property from the video html tag.
<video id="video" src="video.mp4"></video>
  1. You need also specify the correct event on the iPad:
var ua = navigator.userAgent,
    event = (ua.match(/iPad/i)) ? "touchstart" : "click",
    video = document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0];
    btn   = document.getElementById('btn');

btn.addEventListener(event, function(e){
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